Whether intentionally chosen, or inadvertently thrust upon them, Product Managers are called to be leaders. This blog is a blending of Leadership and Product Management concepts to help along that journey.


My Career

I am an accomplished Product Management and Strategy veteran with proven results in anticipating industry shifts, bringing innovative solutions to market, and driving business results.

Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to serve as a change agent for transformation in several dynamic domains. Along the way, I have become a student of the disruptive nature of APIs, platforms, and newer digital technologies. I’ve also specialized in translating what they mean to consumer behavior, competitive landscapes, and impacts to value creation & business models.



About Me

On a more personal front, I have found success by remaining singular to the intersection of my skills, my passion, and my purpose.

• From a skills perspective, I have the innate ability to strategically see the big picture, but also focus on the details needed to tactically execute. I can blend strong analytic capabilities with creativity to weave a compelling story/vision. And my business acumen is guided by my extensive domain expertise as well as my technology background.

• From a passion perspective, I have dedicated myself to the strategic role Product Management plays in shaping a disciplined approach to solving market problems. This is especially requisite as digitization radically changes the dynamics of the markets in which we operate and the speed at which we need to move to remain competitive.

• From a purpose perspective, I understand my role as a leader in showing others the way. Sometimes through strategic planning efforts (e.g. – a 3-5 year roadmap). Other times through coaching & mentoring of the next generation of product management leaders (e.g. – these are the skills to cultivate). And other times through writing (e.g – this blog).


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