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I am in the middle of a book that was recommended to me, so a lot of time and focus in the mornings has been around absorbing the information it contains … and it will certainly feed at least one post in the coming week or two.  But in the meantime, I ROIstumbled across this article the other day via LinkedIn … and, wow!

“Setting daily intentions is a great way to create time and make money”

This quote came from the article, and sometimes you get the boost, reminder, and/or shot of encouragement you need by being intentional!


What I have found over the years is that if you are not intentional about carving out time to think, you are not being as effective in your role as you could be.  These two posts focus on this particular point.


But the most impactful aspect of the article for me were the 6 perspectives and potential additions for your to-do list to be intentional about. I’ve simplified them, so if you want the full perspective check out the article yourself.  But for now, enjoy, and take to heart 🙂

  1. Serve: Your are now in a leadership role and one of your responsibilities is to serve. Serve your team whatever they need to rock and roll in their position.
  2. Add Value: You have value to add and you must add value. With humility, look to add value as one of your items on your to do list each day.
  3. Inspire: You are a 6 cylinder engine. You need to be firing on all 6 in this economic climate. Your team mates are each made up of 6 cylinder engines as well. Find a way today, and everyday, to inspire them.
  4. Build: Following the engine metaphor, you may have some team mates who are not firing on all 6 cylinders. Get along side them, get curious, and together make tweaks to fire up all cylinders.
  5. Connect: Make a connection with every member of your team: A genuine connection early in the day accomplishes both of these human needs. In the connection or morning huddle, listen well. The energy will increase with this step alone.
  6. Unleash: How can I unleash the power of the team today? With humility, consider stepping aside and watch them crush it all day long.