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If you read my ‘About’ tab on this blog, you will find a simple statement … “Whether intentionally chosen, or inadvertently thrust upon them, Product Managers should be leaders. This blog is a blending of Leadership and Product Management concepts.”

Interestingly over the recent weeks, I’ve gathered a couple of articles focused on the myths of each topic and thought it might be interesting to dig in a bit.  From a leadership perspective, the article is titled The Worst Leadership Myths And Their Realities.  From a product management perspective, its The Myths of Product Management.  Of course I recommend you spend the time to examine them yourselves, but here are a few tidbits I walked away with …

From the Forbes article …

Myth #1: Stick to the plan to get things done. – Plan the work and then work the plan.  That is what we are taught, right?  One of the best examples of flexibility I ever heard was captured in my inaugural post called Scaling the Summit about the first all-woman team scale Mount Everest.  It’s about more than just the plan … its about the vision, the strategy, dealing with setbacks and more.

Myth #2: Great leaders are born, not made. – Love the athlete example, and of course the person who comes to mind from my era was Michael Jordan.  Yes he was gifted as an athlete, but no one worked harder to succeed.

Myth #3: No news is good news. “To be a great leader, you need to be in the thick of the action—communicating, cooperating and celebrating with your team every day.”  Couldn’t agree more!

Myth #4: Good is the enemy of great. Another reference to a previous post titled It’s Not About the Destination … It’s About the Journey.  “The pursuit of perfectionism will inhibit your ability to take risks, and more importantly to have fun. Sometimes we make mistakes, take a wrong turn. And sometimes those wrong turns turn out to be priceless learning experiences. Which is a good reminder that being a product management leader shouldn’t be about the destination … it should be about the journey!”

From the other article … these are hilarious in a not so funny way!  Those of you who have been product managers for awhile and have heard these myths/argument, you will related immediately!  Myths #1 Product Management Is a New Thing in Tech , #2 Product Managers Don’t Know What They Do and #5 Product Manager is CEO of the Product I can summarize in my article So … What Do You Do For A Living?

#4 Product Managers Don’t Care About Process  – As a product management leader, I absolutely care about repeatable processes, but there is a difference between Product Management process and Development process … and they need to work seamlessly together.  Have a look at this post for more information … Taking the Lead In A Well Orchestrated Dance.

Hope you have enjoyed the myths!