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As Product Managers, we all get to experience them. In one survey about product management, the findings found of the 49 hours a week Product Managers work, 18 hours are spent in meetings … or roughly 37% (frankly, I find that a bit on the light side).  Another source suggests “unsurprisingly, meetings were the most common daily activity for Product Managers” with 90% engaging in meetings on a daily basis.

To accentuate the point, I had a look back at the 2 months preceding the holidays and here is a sampling of what I found in my calendar:

Requirements walk-throughs, deep dive discussions, daily stand-ups, steering committee meetings, milestone/status reviews, sales-support presentations (partner/customer oriented), training updates, all-hands meetings, 1:1 meetings, daily checkpoints, weekly project calls, portfolio reviews, planning sessions, escalation calls, project kick-offs, prep sessions, weekly program meetings, client workshops, innovation sessions, pipeline calls, roadmap updates, pricing reviews …

So on the lighter side of things today, I thought we could have some fun.

First off, let’s play some conference call Bingo. Come on, admit it … you’ve endulged!  There are many variations, but I found thi18f350f4e0c7d7496a8aa43c6678a626s card to be pretty spot on.   I can count on at least five of these with every call!  And to really set the mood (in case you aren’t actually in a meeting at the moment) … check out one of these:

Conference Call in Real Life is a great video I first saw at Leadercast featuring Tripp and Tyler. Seriously, this is what it feels like sometimes! Another example is simply called The Conference CallIf you have never seen this rendition from Dave Grady, you are guaranteed a good laugh. Between the two of these I think you can hit every tile on the Bingo card!

Second, and admittedly this could be somewhat related back to the Bingo card, is overuse of cliche terms.  But as you’ll see in Business Jargon, sometimes it can be taken to a whole new level!

Third, there are many times where the Product Manager is expected to be the subject matter expert. But there are occasions where things can get a bit tricky when the customer isn’t exactly sure what it is they are looking for.  This video called The Expert hits that situation spot on!

Lastly …please, please, please do not ever become an example from this Dilbert video!  Why do people think this is OK?!?

And dotips-for-running-effective-meetingsn’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you hanging without some good resources on the best ways to actually hold an effective meeting.  Here are a few excellent blog posts from others I found useful:

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