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In getting back in to the swing of things this Monday morning after Thanksgiving, I was listening to an interview hosted by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce with First Data CEO Frank Bisignano.  The title of the session was ‘Insights on Leadership’.

What captured my attention most from the interview was the emphasis on the need to be client-centric.

“…it is always about the client … if you keep talking with the client, you will come back with ideas … obviously we have our own ideas, its good to have idea people, but idea people not focused on the client will get you to spend a lot of money, burn a lot of resources, and not get the job done.”

Let’s face it, losing focus on the why is a reality we all struggle with from time to time … because it is hard at times, because focus on the bottom line does become a priority, because the tactical day-to-day can detract customer_satisfaction_dilbertus.

But solving problems for clients, or more importantly for the market, is why we should be getting out of bed in the morning.  Which is why it is a good reminder to step back and focus on the 3 simple questions that should be driving all of us as Product Management Leaders …

  1. Who am I serving?
  2. What do they need/want, and are ready to buy?
  3. How can I reach them and persuade them?

This very point is highlighted in the post Agile Development: Early Predictions vs. Current Reality, where the author states strategic product managers aligned to markets or vertical industry segments … and they are using market and customer insights to drive entire portfolios of products.

Like I said, a good reminder.  We’re in the homestretch of the calendar year … finish strong by reorienting on the why!