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It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required. – Winston Churchill

Wonderful article What It Takes to Be a Great Product Leader: The Four Pillars. Whether you call it the ‘everything profession’, or a ‘virtual CEO’, or whatever else … the article captures the essence of why I love the role so much! Where else can you touch every aspect of the business? From marketing to finance … from M&A to sales … from talking to customers to digging in with engineers.

I also appreciated how the post tied leadership into the title and the text of the article. Whether PMs intentionally chose the role or had it thrust upon them, it is important to understand the leadership nature of the position and the influence they could exert with the right approach.

Let’s be clear … things are not always a bed of roses with the role!  For example,

  • Even the best laid roadmaps & plans sometimes don’t pan out the way you thought they would.  Priorities shift, distractions occur, and re-balancing is often necessary.
  • We are all human and prone to error, and that means that mistakes will be made (architectural deficiencies, missed scope, blatant errors) and you have to find time to rectify.
  • When have communication and relationships ever been easy?  You have to be very intentional about them, and they require A LOT of energy to get right.  Just think about it in the context of family … sometimes dealing with people you depend on can just be messy!

That’s when the Churchill quote becomes so prominent … you have to be willing to accept the good with the bad, because sometimes it is required.