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Happy New Year everyone!  After taking some time to recharge a bit, and I hope you did the same, just wanted to share a few perspectives as we enter into the new year.  The first is a re-post of a New Year’s Resolution list I’ve shared before (but always helpful), the second is related to a Forbes article on how to recharge at work.  Enjoy!

Perspective #1 – New Year’s Resolutions for Product Management Leaders

  1. Mutual trust/respect – one of the toughest to have integrity around especially when things go awry.
  2. Over-communicate – practical guidance says that people need to hear something AT LEAST 3 times before they retain it … repeat your messages numerous times through a combination of messages, stories, statistics, and sound bites to make your point.
  3. Follow-up relentlessly – have clearly defined goals and appropriate action plans to obtain them. Then review your dashboard (product releases, customer engagements, contingencies, etc) regularly to ensure you stay on track.
  4. Rallying cry – I call this having a sound Vision around your distinctive competence. Ensure everyone understand what it is, why you are doing it, and how it uniquely solves a market/customer need.
  5. Actions speak louder than words – simply put, let your yes be yes, and your no be no.
  6. Embrace generosity – celebrate success.
  7. Fight bureaucracy – easiest way to do this is by being transparent. Obviously there will be some things as a leader you simply cannot share for various reasons … but be up front and honest about what you can or can’t say … people will appreciate that.
  8.  Find a better way – a big part of product management is repeat-ability … keep tweaking until you have a well oiled, efficient process
  9. Own mistakes – not just hiring, but any mistakes.
  10. Dig into crises – your job as a leader is to remove obstacles. Find out what they are early to mitigate them, and when they do arise deal with them head on.

Perspective #2 – Ways to Recharge at Work

This list tends to be more at a personal level, but there are some helpful insights. Rather than covering all 10 ways recommended, here are the 3 I found the most helpful.  Check out the article for the remainder of the items

  1. Get goal oriented (their #1) – perfect time of the year to focus on the goals of the organization at large and how your efforts should feed into them.
  2. Focus on what you enjoy (their #4) – life is too short to focus on the negative, find what you enjoy and try to do more of it.
  3. Rejuvenate regularly (their #5) – make sure to use the vacation time you’ve earned. Work hard while you are there, but take the time to recharge the batteries regularly.