For the past year or so, I have been accumulating various perspectives on Product Management and Leadership.  It is what led to me finding a passion in blogging, and it keeps me intentional about priorities.  Opinions vary, but there are themes that seem to bubble near the top across most of the ‘top (n)’ lists that I come across … things like vision, passion, humility, servant-leadership, and preparation just to name a few.

In his book Leadership is Dead, several of these themes I just mentioned appear as Jeremie unpacks the concept of influence as it relates to leadership.  He summarizes the attributes of a true influential leader as someone who:

  • leads with vision
  • leads from the head and the heart
  • practices humility and service to others
  • influences rather than pushes or demands
  • invests in the success of others first
  • rises above unethical practices, pressure, and petty politics
  • attracts a divers and dedicated team of future leaders
  • delivers more than expected
  • wields the tools of forgiveness, gratitude and laughter
  • reaches out to make the last first

Lists are curious things because you can always argue that something is missing, or something doesn’t belong, or that you would have ordered things a bit differently.  But the heart of what Jeremie is driving at is the following quote … and at its core is the essence of what drives me.

Leadership is influence. Influence is power. How that power is used comes from the intent of the leader, from the motives of the heart.