…leaders shouldn’t be judged against a standard of perfection, because it’s a willingness to be imperfect that fuels a leader’s ability to experiment, innovate, and evolve.

Finding some quiet time to be intentional about reading, thinking, and planning is important to me … and this post I came across this morning was an important find. Why?  Because it was a timely reminder that while results might be important as a product management leader, I’m not expected to be perfect.

That’s right, you heard correctly … no one is expecting you to be perfect, no one is expecting you to have all of the answers all of the time. But you are expected to lead, and sometimes in leading courageously we make mistakes.

Part of the challenge with being a business owner is that we do just that … take ownership.  We want our solutions to be awesome … to better than everyone else’s. And in the process, sometimes we get caught up in the limelight of the latest project, the latest release, the latest fire-drill and we forget that our roles are not about the destination.  I mean really, even when you just delivered a successful product, did you feel that you had arrived at your destination and could finally take the foot off of the gas? Probably not. Because there are always gaps that need to be filled.  There are always competitors that need to be responded to. There are always new technologies that need to be considered.  The product could always be better!

True.  But be careful, because as the linked post alludes to, the pursuit of perfectionism will inhibit your ability to take risks, and more importantly to have fun. Sometimes we make mistakes, take a wrong turn. And sometimes those wrong turns turn out to be priceless learning experiences. Which is a good reminder that being a product management leader shouldn’t be about the destination … it should be about the journey!

Happy Monday everyone.