I was sitting in a conference this week where one of the speakers made a couple of poignant points that hit to the core of what my week has entailed (actually, the past several months)!  First point – adaptability is the key to growth … even when it seems risky or difficult.  And second point -adaptability needs to happen at two speeds … with low gear representing existing processes or systems of record, and high gear representing new systems of engagement.

Several months back, I posted an article about being involved in a project that would likely prove to be a market disruption.  In that article, I made three points about the nature of a high risk/difficult project that is disruptive in nature (see post for full details):

  1. It is going to stretch you (and your organization) beyond your comfort zone.
  2. It will force you to change the way you have done things in the past.
  3. Embracing the changes will make it fun!

Furthermore, and to the second point above, what we have been doing is something that is moving in the high gear mode … at much faster speeds than perhaps many were used to.  What we have been developing is most definitely a system of engagement.  But what we are developing also depends on several systems of record and processes that have taken decades to harden.

But isn’t that the essence of adaptation? Finding a way to marry the two … the old with the new … the proven with the innovative … the yes with the no … the risk with the reward.  Months of long hours, frustrating conversations, hard decisions, and charting previously uncharted territory to get to the end result announced yesterday.

So what was the project?  An API based approach to enabling Apple Pay!  Yea … I like this ship, you know … its exciting!